Surfing Leashless!!!

Sound like madness? Possibly, but its one of those things that should be taken seriously and done as often as is reasonably possible. It’s one of the key skills that will really help you to learn a lot about you and your board. It’s were true control is learnt. With the help of being leashless you’ll pick your wave more carefully, take more time on any manoeuvres and pull out of waves correctly. Is this really important? It is if you want to progress. It’s also important in the style stakes!!! Just re-check that DVD collection! Can you remember the last time you saw Joel Tudor with a leash in less than head high waves?

Now I’m not suggesting you just ditch the leash for ever. There are times when for safety you should wear one, be that yours or others in the water. Its also only best to try this once you have all the basic skills covered.

But the next time you head out in say a 2ft wave just leave it behind. See what its like. Personally I find it a offers a lot more freedom. Movement on the board becomes easier. There’s nothing tugging at your ankles or anything to trip over as you move around. I’m certain with that freedom of movement comes a more fluid style that just looks so much better. It’s also better to do this at a break that you know well and that’s sandy!!! No point losing the board to the rocks!!!

Now there is the obvious weakness in that at least one time you’ll loose the board and have to go for the swim. Which is why it’s best to start on the smaller days. But its important to know you can make that swim. Also the swim is a great way of keeping fit. Also gives your mates out back something to laugh at. And they will!!!! But maybe that’s because I’m swimming too much!!! By taking that swim now as a choice you’ll know that the next time its big and the leash snaps you can make the swim in! Its not nice having that swim in forced upon you.

Now if all goes well on those smaller days, keep pushing it in slightly bigger surf, right upto head high. It’s good to know that you can:

  • Handle the board.
  • Pick the right wave.
  • Make the right decision in direction
  • Pull out of that wave before the section comes down ripping the board out of your hands in the cycle!!!

It’ll increase your confidence on the bigger days! You’ll also notice that people start to stare, thinking you’re a pro or something!!!


Fancy it!!! Go for it soon as! You know it makes sense.