Love where I live!!! Sometimes

Just thought I’d have a quick look at the surf before school. No idea what to expect as haven’t really been looking at the forecast! Something about the last week of term and just wanting it to be over. So was totally shocked to see perfect clean surf with a beautiful purple toned sky!!

It’s times like this when you know you can’t get in that it can be pretty damn depressing that the surf is beautifully clean, you’re close to the beach but there isn’t any chance you can get in. Is it better to be 200 miles away rather than less than a mile!!!

I can see the sea from my classroom but it might as well be 100 miles away as I can’t do a thing!

Now luckily the balance for me is that my board is repaired I can collect tonight and from Friday I have 16 days to try and find as much surf as I can. So yes I’m very lucky to live so close to the beach.

So it’s with excitement that we are getting closer to the holidays even though today the surf is pumping and I can’t get in!!!